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Robotic Surgery: Deadly Marketing?

deadly marketing

1999 began the age of robot-performed surgery. This new way of performing operations was hailed as an innovative technology that would revolutionize the way doctors perform routine operations, however the recent outcry of patients injured by the use of robotic surgery is punching some serious holes in the marketing claims made by the device’s creators.  

Robotic surgery allows doctors to remotely perform surgeries on patients using a joystick-like controller and video monitor. This system was created to perform more routine procedures and was marketed to hospitals to help patients recover more quickly from surgeries such as prostate removal or hysterectomies. Surgical robots have also been marketed to hospital management purchasing committees as a way to boost profit margins.

The business of hospital care is very lucrative and hospitals are strongly encouraged to maintain the newest technologies to compete. Because of this marketing strategy, hospitals have been clamoring to purchase robotic surgery systems, which they then use to differentiate themselves in the increasingly competitive surgical market. Doctors are often told by management to mention all of the “benefits” of  robotic surgery to patients, many times without properly informing patients of the many potentially life-threatening risks.

The problem is that this is a brand new technology and it has been alleged that many Hospitals haven’t provided enough training before allowing doctors to operate remotely using surgical robots; causing severe injuries and life threatening complications.  The creators of the robotic system only offer a two day training period for two surgeons per hospital, leaving remaining training sessions up to the hospital’s discretion, often times allowing surgeons to operate without adequate instruction.

There are serious risks brought about by doctors’ lack of training when performing robotic surgery. Additionally, there is a lack of credible and tested scientific evidence that robotic surgery offers any real clinical benefits over traditional methods of surgery. Since hospitals have began using these devices there have been thousands of reports of traumatic injuries and complications including:

Tears and/or Burns of the Intestines

Punctured Blood Vessels

Cut Ureters

Severe Bowel Injuries

Vaginal Cuff Dehiscence

Excessive Bleeding

Loss of Quality of Life


Although innovative marketing strategy has been successful in selling robotic surgery systems to large and small hospitals alike, unsettling reports are coming out about robotic surgery regularly. The FDA has already received hundreds of adverse reaction reports about problems with this surgical procedure.  Injuries reported as a result of the robotic surgery are growing every day. The creators of this robotic system face severe losses due to the potential for thousands of lawsuits.

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  1. Chuck Nelson says:

    I am preparing to have a kidney removed, by this type of robotic surgery. Any concerns, or advice that folks can offer me, I would deeply appreciate it very much. Right now I am going through stress tests, and waiting for clearance from my vascular surgeons, to have my left kidney removed, which is not functioning at all. I have had a bi-femoral by-pass surgery, in 1998, and suffer from PAD, (peripheral artery disease), and have had two stints put in where the aorta Y’s off to each leg, one on each side, then again in 2011, had two more stints put in that butts up against the first two, making a total of four stints, two on each side where the artery goes down each leg. The community that I have spent my entire life in, is surrounded by mountaintop removal coal mining, where scientist have proven that my conditions are very similar to similar diseases that impact people that live in and around this method of mining, along with a long list of other health impacts that are found in folks that are exposed to this type of coal mining. There is also devastating environmental impacts, as well as health impacts. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

    Chuck Nelson
    P.O. Box 722
    Glen Daniel, WV 25844

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