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Intuitive Surgical Issues Urgent Medical Device Warning Notification


Intuitive Surgical just issued a notification  to hospitals warning of potential problems with the daVinci Robotic Surgical System. For the past eight months, trial attorneys Dr. François Blaudeau and Daniel Becnel have been tirelessly working to compel Intuitive Surgical to stop marketing the daVinci Surgical Robot due to many problematic issues.

“We commend Intuitive Surgical for stepping up, and taking responsibility for the medical problems associated with the da Vinci Surgical Robot. This is a huge step towards innocent people being protected”, stated Dr. François Blaudeau.

Six months ago Dr. François Blaudeau and Daniel Becnel hired Legal Communications Group to launch a national consumer outreach campaign to educate patients and doctors about the many adverse problems linked to the da Vinci surgical robot. This national campaign informed unsuspecting consumers and patients throughout the country on the potential dangers of robotic surgery, and gave victims a place to seek help. Over 15,000 patients, consumers and doctors contacted the “” helpline and were given the facts about the da Vinci. Unfortunately, thousands of patients who called the helpline had already been seriously injured after being operated on with the da Vinci Robot Surgery System.

As staunch consumer advocates, trial lawyer Daniel Becnel of Becnel Law Firm and Dr. François Blaudeau, practicing attorney and OBGYN, have been committed to educating patients, doctors and hospitals on the dangers associated with the da Vinci Robot.

“It is great to have such an important victory so early on in a case where thousands of patients have been adversely affected. We consider this to be another win for the trial lawyers working to protect and defend the rights of consumers. We’re so proud of the work we do because we know many lives will impacted positively”, stated trial lawyer Daniel Becnel.

Intuitive’s admission is a starting point that can potentially save thousands of patients’ undue suffering and complications at the hands of a dangerous new technology.



For more information about this this urgent medical device notification, or if you have had robotic surgery with the daVinci Robot and have questions, contact Dr. François Blaudeau, (205) 879-5000 or Trial Attorney Daniel Becnel at (985) 536-1186.

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