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A Victim of Robotic Surgery Speaks Out

I hope this story helps someone who is thinking about having or who has had a robotic hysterectomy Before January 8th 2010 I was a very energetic and outgoing people person. Today I am far from that. All I do day after day is sit, think, cry and worry. I am so depressed. I am…

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Poor Technology and Training Leads to Surgical Robot Litigation

Intuitive Surgical is facing multi-district litigation with their da Vinci robotic surgical products.  Dr. Francois Blaudeau, a practicing attorney and gynecological surgeon with The Center for Advanced Gynecological Surgeryin Birmingham, Alabama, spoke with The Legal Broadcast Network about the lawsuit facing Intuitive Surgical, as he was one of the first to file a lawsuit with the manufacturer.  …

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Hospitals Not Shy About Robotics Claims

As use of robotic surgery has proliferated, so have hospitals’ unsubstantiated marketing claims for the procedures, investigators reported here. Among hospitals that marketed robotic gynecologic surgery on their websites, as many as 90% touted benefits that have minimal evidence-based support. Claims related to reduced pain, shorter recovery, and decreased blood loss were cited by 76%…

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